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August 6, 2011

A pappadam memory

It was the day of Thiruvonam. Everyone in my family was at the table, ready to have their sadya. I was the only one not interested in having my sadya. I was waiting for someone so eagerly and he was late unlike other onam days. Everyone asked me to start my lunch but I was adamant. I would only have my lunch when he comes and sits with me. Seeing my stubbornness, everyone else also waited. After some time he came. As soon as I saw him, my face brightened. He came and sat in the seat next to me and all of us started our Onasadya. As soon as I started having my lunch, i noticed that my pappadam were disappearing. Everytime I kept a new pappadam, it went missing. Then I caught the culprit red-handed. It was him. Sitting beside me, he could do it very easily. Then I fought with him as usual. Its been over 10 years since this day but it is still afresh in my mind. And one thing i realize is that it is not the sadya or anything else that I miss a lot but its him- his presence, his pranks, his love. And now whenever I eat a pappadam, its always him that I think of. I really miss you my dear uncle......

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