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July 29, 2011

a life changing experience

When i first stepped into St. Teresa's College to get an admission form, my words to my mom were "whatever happens, i will surely not study in this college". Maybe god didn't like my over confidence and he admitted me to the same college.... i was least interested in going there and by the time i joined, the classes had already started. I still remember the first day i entered my class. I saw many faces staring at me- some friendly faces and some faces with an attitude like "oh who is she?". I really wanted to turn back and run to my dad who was standing behind me, outside our class. But i couldn't do that. My first day was really bad. I felt as if i had come to an alien land. I kept waiting for 2:20 pm so that i can run back home. The next day was not different either. But slowly i got a few angels as my friends. Then they became my best friends, I started enjoying my college life and now when it is time to say goodbye to college life, I seriously don't want to leave this place where I spent the golden period of my life- bunking long programmes, going out for lunch with friends, birthday surprises and treats, passing comments on each and every soul coming in front of us and all those pranks we did together. All these are like strings which hold me back. Will miss you my dear STC.........


  1. kolaadi kolaam.. I came n talkd to you on ur first day! N u wantd to run back to daddy?!

  2. oh my dear... Its before u came n talked dat i felt like running back 2 dad