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September 26, 2011

a leg breaking trip.....

This happened when I went to fantasy park, malampuzha, with my family as part of our karayogam tour. My dad, sis n I got into a ride where 3 of us had to seat ourselves in a sheet n the sheet would slide through a slope. As I was the chota bacchu I had to squeeze myself between dad n sis. As soon as we started sliding, dad, who was at the front, bent backward and my sis bent forward. I got jammed in between and it was only when finally the ride was over and we got down that I realized my chappal had broken and I couldn't walk with it. So I removed them and gave it to my mom. To add to my discomfort of walking barefoot, a lady who was sweeping at the restaurant put my footwear in the waste bin while we left it at our table side for a few seconds to wash our hands. And the result..... I had to travel back home barefoot :-(

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