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October 24, 2011

A stupidity.....

I can't reason myself why i did certain things in my childhood days. I think i was just 4 or 5 yrs when i did this stupid act. It was the time when the mangoes in our courtyard ripened and as always i was eagerly waiting for my granny to pluck them down for me to slurp all time. I kept counting the ripe mangoes everyday and then i found that some mangoes started disappearing. I thought at first that it may have happened that they might have fallen down and as the tree was by the roadside, they might have been dead under some rude bike or harsh truck or some other vehicle. When i said so to my granny, she told me that it didn't fall but it was plucked down by someone at night when none of us were around. I got completely out of control when i imagined how somebody would be enjoying the juicy mangoes i was waiting to have. I decided not to give any more share of my mangoes to any vagabond :-/ and i found a way to stop them. The next day i was "all-ready" for my mango thieves. As it started getting dark, i kept waiting near the gate and when i saw a tall and stout guy trying to get his hands on one of my mangoes, i ran towards him with a "long" twig in my hands, hidden behind my back as i wanted to use it only if the "situation" got worse.
The first thing i did was to ask him why he was plucking down my mangoes. He smiled and replied that he was really hungry and wanted something to eat badly and as he don't have anything with him right now, he thought of having the mangoes. Then he added, "if only you allow". I was flattered. I put my "weapon" down and gave him an 'ok i permit' look. As i turned i saw my granny standing behind, her face all white as if she had just seen a ghost. As i went to her, she asked me what i was doing with those guys. I narrated the whole incident and she turned pale again. I asked her what happened and she replied that the guy with whom i just had a friendly chat was a rowdy or gangster of the area and not the poor "mango thieves" i was searching for. Now it was my turn to white. And the most dreadful thing was, whenever that guy saw me on the road after this, he always used to wave at me and i used to think "when on earth did i get that idea of talking with the mango thief?" 

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