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November 11, 2011

Hasty tasting

As is the trend of the present, I too joined an entrance class in my 11th grade, TIME coaching center. The classes were during Saturday and Sunday every week, except second Saturday at Greets Academy, Matrubhumi. And as our usual classes, these too were boring and dry and the only freedom from this was the lunch break. I made a few friends right from my first day and we used to have our lunch in a hurry (not really) and go stand in a secluded area near the closed canteen of the school. One day, we noticed that our place was a bit crowded in the morning. Later we realized that the canteen was open and they had a delicious looking items on their menu. We decided to finish our lunch as soon as possible and attack the canteen with our orders. But to my amazement, or rather bewilderment I didn't know a single food name on the menu. One of my friend shared my situation. We both, the unknowns, stood there wondering for long and so the other three came to our rescue. They told us that among all the things on the menu the hot chocolate was the best. So we all decided to have it. We eagerly waited while the lady at the canteen prepared it and the moment we got it, we sipped on it as if we had remained hungry for over a decade. The next thing we knew was all of our eyes were changing into red and our tongues were burning. While we were figuring out what had happened, the bell rang announcing the end of our lunch break and we had more than half glass of the stuff remaining. We hadn't the wish to throw it off for its "monetary value" and neither could we gulp it down because of the "hot" part of it. It was then that one of my friend decided to neglect the temperature of the drink and have it in one sip and when she had completed this "dangerous" act we, the two unknowns, followed suit. The rest brainy people understood that this was not the right decision and threw their glasses into the bin. We all ran back to our class, which was about to begin and sat there fanning our poor tongue and watering it at times. To add to our misfortune, the temperature started going up and obviously now we were feeling hot inside and outside our body. Somehow, we controlled our emotions and waited for the class to get over and by the time it happened, everything was back to normal. The effect of the "hot" chocolate was lessening and we felt much relieved. From that day, we used to turn in the opposite direction if we saw somewhere a board saying "hot chocolate". The only positive result of consuming it was that none of the five of us slept in the afternoon class and were pretending to be attentive while others were lost in their dreams and afternoon naps......

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