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November 26, 2011

The looooong leap

I don't remember when exactly this happened but I guess I was 4-5 years old. It was our karayogam's Sports day and I had to participate for the frog jump competition. I knew that I am no good at this but I agreed to do it when my parents encouraged me. I was really tensed and when I reached the starting point I was feeling as if I would faint any moment. I looked all around for my mom and dad but couldn't locate them as I had lost all my senses and found every object or person before look all the same. A whistle blew and I felt it was blown inside my ears. The competition started. First I thought of getting up and running to somewhere else but then I changed my mind. After some time, I realized that I was at the first position...... but from the last. And moreover, every other participant was way ahead of me. I thought "I won't be the last one to reach the finishing point. I have to reach at least at the third position". I took a firm decision but I knew the task was very close to impossible. I thought about it and finally reached upon a solution. Without thinking much about the practicality of my "PLAN" I sprang into action, realizing I don't have much time to waste and what more.....??? I WON!!!

But I was surprised and actually shocked that instead of awarding the trophy to me, everyone were laughing as they saw me. Few of them even gave me a look as if they wanted to say "WHAT AN IDEA SIRJI" and my uncle, who was our karayogam President at that time, came to me and said "Oh you were wonderful. I never saw such a frog jump all my life". I didn't understand why were all these people teasing me? After all, I had reached the first position from the last.... So what if I had run all the to the finishing point and jumped the last few centimeters to the finishing line? The important part was that I reached and that too first, right?

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